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Earth’s resources are finite.

Only the willfully delusional continue to disregard the impact that humankind is having on our planet.

The challenge sustainable living represents to all nations, regardless of their financial strength, has seen a corresponding increase in economic opportunities associated with meeting that challenge.

These opportunities are necessarily local: Global collaboration is well intentioned but irrevocably linked to each nation’s situation and aspirations.

In a country like New Zealand, where the environment plays such a huge part in our national character, our international prestige and the lifestyle we enjoy, we cannot wait for others to take the lead.

“New Zealand has an enormous opportunity to develop a high-yield, low-emissions agricultural system that would both increase national prosperity and contribute to solving a major global problem.”

Professor Lord Nicholas Stern

IG Patel Professor of Economics & Government and Chairman of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE.

we Are ALREADY BEGINNING TO slip behind.

In 2011, the Global Green Economy Index conducted a rigorous assessment of 27 of the world’s leading economies. Of the Top 10 countries surveyed and ranked by performance, New Zealand was Number One.

However, the same index in 2012 shows New Zealand already slipping to 6th.

Similarly, the most recent Yale Environmental Index (2012) Environmental Performance ranked New Zealand in 14th place. But in 2006, we were ranked number one.

The opportunities afforded by our clean, green brand are in danger.


Over the last 24 months, Pure Advantage has dedicated significant resources towards understanding the rapidly growing global green economy. This has included identifying the opportunities for New Zealand to foster sustainable economic growth and create skilled jobs, at the same time as conserving our natural resources and improving environmental performance – otherwise referred to as ‘green growth.’

Today we release a major report: Green Growth: Opportunities for New Zealand, a macroeconomic review conducted by Vivid Economics in London in conjunction with the University of Auckland Business School.

This report is the first of its kind in New Zealand: an exhaustive, objective economic argument for embracing green growth.

It is not driven by environmental idealism or fear of climate change; it is an accumulation of impartial economic data.

It demonstrates that not only can New Zealand rescue itself from environmental decline, but that there is also significant economic benefit in doing so.

“The global low carbon and environmental goods and services market is [estimated to be] worth $6trillion per annum.”

Innovas, for the UK Government (2009)

What we need is leadership.

Pure Advantage was formed in the belief the private sector has an important role to play in creating a greener, wealthier New Zealand.

Download the report. Investigate the data surrounding what motivates New Zealand to go for green growth, and see where the risks lie in running business as usual.

Then get in touch to see how we can take advantage of the opportunities together.


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