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Our Campaign

Pure Advantage is a not-for-profit organisation formed in the belief that by embracing green growth, New Zealand can realise a wealthier future that’s more sustainable in every sense.

And in coming to terms with the fact that economic growth and environmental sustainability are not necessarily mutually exclusive, we can arrest both our relative economic decline and our continued environmental degradation.

Green growth represents a huge opportunity for all Kiwis to prosper.

Our campaign has been charitably funded by our trustees, so there are no corporate mandates or shadowy Government funding. Just successful Kiwis interested in seeing a lot more successful Kiwis.

Underpinning our goal of sustainable wealth for New Zealand has been the need for robust economic research showing the scale of the challenge – and making it clear why all New Zealanders must reach for the exciting opportunities arising from green growth.


Over the past two years we’ve undertaken a research programme to identify the global green growth situation and help to identify New Zealand’s best opportunities for green growth.

The initial result – a 58-page report outlining New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race – set the stage when it was published in May 2012.

The new macroeconomic report – Green Growth: Opportunities for New Zealand, released in November 2012 – is the culmination of this pursuit.

Download the Race Plan, or the full report, here.


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